Jean-Paul Piccion from Pinellas District 13 US House of Representatives candidate

Jean-Paul Piccion US Representative District 13

Getting to Know Jean-Paul Piccion For United States House of Representatives District 13 Jean-Paul Piccion is a candidate for the US House of Representatives from District 13.  District 13 represents most of Pinellas County including, Clearwater, Largo, Pinellas Park, Dunedin, Safety Harbor, and the Pinellas beach communities.  Mr. Piccion is one of 4 children, and

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History of US Political Parties

History of US Political Parties There are many pages that give a full detailed history of US Political Parties: Wikipedia,, and more.  So why are we making another page about it?  It is important to know the history of US political parties to some extent.  You do not need to be an expert in

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How can I help? Many people ask how they can help.  There are 4 main ways: Share the topics and pages that you find interesting on your social networks or blogs.  The more people that know about us, the more powerful our voices will be. Participate in the discussion. We want to hear people’s opinions, whether you

If you want to make a difference, vote for something new

We need to change something!

  If we continue voting for the same two parties, we should not be surprised that we get the same results.  If we are wanting to see true change, we need to start voting for new systems and new parties.  Don’t be afraid to vote independent or 3rd party!  If we all decide that we

Voter registration - registering to vote in florida

Registering to vote in Florida 2016

Registering to Vote in Florida With the upcoming elections, make sure that you are registered to vote.  Registering to vote is very important if you plan to make a difference this election.  You must register at least 29 days prior to the election. Voter Registration Application Complete instructions and information about registering Important Election Dates

Vote for 3rd party candidates - it can make a difference

Why vote for 3rd party candidates?

Why Should I Vote for 3rd Party Candidates? If you are dissatisfied with the current candidates that the main parties have to offer, we challenge you to consider a vote for 3rd party candidates.  We all know that the Republicans and Democrats are the major political parties at this time.  It feels like smaller parties,

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Voting for a 3rd party is better than not voting at all

Is not voting at all a good option?

I’m not voting!  I Don’t Like Either of the Candidates… Every election cycle we hear about citizens frustrated with the candidates.  Many of these people throw their hands up, and say, “I’m just not voting at all.”  I can certainly understand the frustration.  It seems the main parties are giving us candidates that are more

Do not vote for the lesser of two evils.

Voting for the “lesser of two evils”

The Lesser of Two Evils: A Poor Solution to a Frustrating Problem When it’s time to go to the polls, you always start to hear people say things like: “I would vote for a third party if they had a chance” or “I don’t like either of the candidates, but I have to vote for