Florida Third party candidates & Independent candidates

Florida 3rd Party Candidates and Independent Candidates on the Ballot for Election 2016

These candidates will all appear on the ballot in Florida in the 2016 election.  Learn about these candidates.  Educate yourself!  We can only blame ourselves if we continue to accept poor candidates from the major parties.  There are also write-in candidates, but here we will focus on candidates whose name will actually appear.

NPA = No Party Affiliation

If you are a candidate on here, and you would like to be featured in a candidate spotlight, please contact us!  Also, if you know of a local race that involves an independent candidate or 3rd party candidate, please send us the details, so we can add the info here.

Federal Races

President of the United States

Gary Johnson – Libertarian Party
Jill Stein – Green Party
Darrell Castle – Constitution Party
Roque De La Fuente – Reform Party

United States Senate

Paul Stanton – Libertarian Party
Tony Khoury – NPA
Steven Machat – NPA
Bruce Nathan – NPA
Basil Dalack – NPA

United States House of Representatives

District 2 – Tallahassee / Panama City area
Rob Lapham – Libertarian Party

District 3 – Lake City / Gainesville / Ocala areas
Tom Wells – NPA

District 4 – Jacksonville area
Gary Koniz – NPA

District 8 – Brevard / Orange County areas
Bill Stinson – NPA

District 11 – Ocala / Spring Hill areas
Bruce Ray Riggs – NPA

District 17 – South Central Florida areas – Hillsborough county to Lake Okeechobee
John W Sawyer III – NPA

District 18 – Ft. Pierce / Palm Beach areas
Carla Spalding – NPA

District 21 – Wellington / Pompano Beach areas
W. Michael “Mike” Trout – NPA

District 23 – Weston / Miami Beach areas
Don Endriss – NPA
Lyle Milstein – NPA

District 26 – Monroe County / Miami areas
Jose Peixoto – NPA

State Races

Florida State Senate

District 14
Richard Paul Dembinsky – NPA

District 18
Joe Redner – NPA
Sheldon Upthegrove – NPA

District 37
Mercedes Christian – NPA

District 38
Phillip J Brutus – NPA

District 40
Mario Jimenez – NPA

Florida State House of Representatives

District 1
Bill Fetke – NPA

District 5
Jamey Westbrook – NPA

District 18
Ken Willey – Libertarian Party

District 28 – Orlando / Oviedo area
Steve Edmonds – NPA – * Candidate Spotlight

District 31
Robert Rightmyer – NPA

District 48
Augustin “Gus” Martinez – NPA

District 49
Shea Silverman – NPA

District 76
Charles C. Messina – NPA

District 79
Matt Miller – NPA

District 90
Artie Lurie – Libertarian Party

State Attorney

Circuit 16
Shad Neiss – Libertarian Party

Local Elections

Sebastian City Council
Dale Doelling – Libertarian


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