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Independent Candidates & Third Party Candidates in Florida Election 2016

Florida 3rd Party Candidates and Independent Candidates on the Ballot for Election 2016 These candidates will all appear on the ballot in Florida in the 2016 election.  Learn about these candidates.  Educate yourself!  We can only blame ourselves if we continue to accept poor candidates from the major parties.  There are also write-in candidates, but

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How can I help? Many people ask how they can help.  There are 4 main ways: Share the topics and pages that you find interesting on your social networks or blogs.  The more people that know about us, the more powerful our voices will be. Participate in the discussion. We want to hear people’s opinions, whether you

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About Independent Florida

Who is Independent Florida? Independent Florida is a group that exists to encourage voters to vote for 3rd party and independent candidates.  We feel that the Republicans and Democrats have become too polarized and partisan to accomplish the things that this country needs.  We hope to see true leaders step up and lead this country.