Florida Vote independent and vote 3rd party

Who is Independent Florida?

Independent Florida is a group that exists to encourage voters to vote for 3rd party and independent candidates.  We feel that the Republicans and Democrats have become too polarized and partisan to accomplish the things that this country needs.  We hope to see true leaders step up and lead this country.  Leaders that can unify us, and not divide us.  We feel that this may have to happen outside the framework of the traditional Republican and Democrat parties, as many well-intentioned politicians end up having to fall in line with the party to survive once they’ve been elected.

This change will not happen overnight, and we realize that.  However, we strive to help people understand that they are not alone in their frustration with the major parties.  Not only that, but once people realize that there are many of us who actually would support third parties and independent candidates, maybe we will see more people bold enough to vote for true change and not just the “lesser of two evils.”