58% of US adults say a third U.S. political party is needed.

58% of US adults say a third U.S. political party is needed.


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Welcome to Independent Florida!

Are you frustrated with the partisan politics in our country today?  Do you think that there is really not much difference in the long run between the Republicans and Democrats?  You are not alone!  At Independent Florida, we feel the Democrats and Republicans have gotten comfortable with the status quo.  While their platforms and rhetoric may sound very different, the bottom line is neither group is willing to make any drastic changes.  We hear the frustration from everyone, but the question is what are we going to do about it?  Are we going to continue voting for Republicans and Democrats, or are we going to take a stand for true change?

What is Independent Florida’s Mission?

Independent Florida exists for two main purposes.

First, we want to encourage those people that would vote for a 3rd party, but feel like it is wasting their vote.  We talk to so many people that feel this way.  If this is you, we want to help you realize that you are not alone!  Just look at the stats in the boxes above.  At this point, the whole system is frustrating for many of us.  Read through the site, and join the discussion.  I think you will see that supporting 3rd parties and independents is not a waste, and there are a lot more of us than you would think.

Second, we want to encourage a vibrant community of discussion/debate about all kinds of political issues.  Follow us on Twitter to join the discussion, and check out our Facebook as well.  We want to do this in a rational, reasoned, non-threatening, non-partisan way.  We feel that this nuance is much of what is missing in today’s political climate of sound bites and personal attacks.

Independent Florida voters and candidates

What do We Hope to Accomplish?

We want to inspire people to vote for 3rd party and independent candidates.  We hope this is a catalyst for true change.  Also, we want to see these minor parties have a voice in the Florida and national conversation.  There are more than 2 choices, and Independent Florida wants to help people really understand that we can make a change if we are willing to put our money where our mouth is.

Did you know there were 11 presidential candidates on the ballot in Florida in 2012?  Voters must stop supporting the “lesser of two evils“.  If you do not like either of the main party candidates, vote for one of the other candidates.  When enough of us are willing to do this, a viable 3rd party will surface, or the main parties will have to nominate better candidates.  Either of these outcomes is an improvement for the United States and an improvement for Florida.

What if I’m already on board with the independent and 3rd party ideas, and I want to help.  How can I help support this cause?  That is a great question.  Check out the About Independent Florida page for the 4 ways that you can help us out!  Also, check out our page for contributors if you would like to submit guest posts or become a regular contributor to the site.