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    So we have another chance to hear the Republican candidates on Jan 14. This debate will be on Fox Business with the main debate starting at 9PM EST, and this will feature candidates that are in the top 6 nationally or the top 5 in Iowa or New Hampshire. The other candidates will appear in the earlier debate at 6PM EST also on Fox Business.

    Do you think having a smaller field in the main debate will help the debate be more substantive?
    Would you support any of these candidates, or are you not voting for a Republican regardless of what is said here?
    What topics do you want the moderators to focus on, and what would you like to hear from the candidates regarding these issues?


    So the undercard debate has happened. What do you think? I don’t know why some of these candidates are still in the race. Hopefully this field thins out some after Iowa and New Hampshire.

    I only caught the second half of this undercard, but I thought Fiorina had a good closing statement.

    What do you think of Rand Paul skipping the undercard debate?


    What did you think of the main debate?

    I was kind of disappointed myself. I thought most candidates showed some weaknesses and there were only a few strong moments.

    Trump – less questions than prior debates, same general demeanor, no apologies for anything said previously, strong response to New York mentality questions
    Cruz – nothing too memorable for me.
    Rubio – everything seemed to be getting back to his main talking points, stump speeches, etc. Very little original content, which was disappointing
    Carson – I wish he would take the opportunities he is given to answer questions and show what he brings to the table instead of complaining about the lack of questions and trying to be a stand-up comic
    Bush – not much memorable, but there were some instances where he started sounding like Huckabee. By that I mean almost like he has already lost and he’s just trying to support the other candidates. I think he still has a chance to get back into it, but he needs something to change big and quick if he wants to move to the front of the pack.
    Christie – not much new here either
    Kasich – I think Kasich had a strong debate. Maybe just because his questions fit well with the “I’ve done it in Washington, and I’ve done it in Ohio” points. I think we all have that down by now, and I’d like to hear more of his thoughts and expand on what he’d actually like to do.

    Those are my thoughts. This is a couple days after, so I guess this is kind of what stuckk with me.

    What are your thoughts?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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