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    Hi! I’m Greg from Tampa. I am the main moderator here currently, so you’ll see a lot of topics from me as we get this board up and running. Make sure to introduce yourself as we get started, and chime in or start your own topics. I love to hear other people’s views on issues.

    I am frustrated with the status quo of our current politics. I wish everyone that I talked to that said, “Well I would vote for a third party if they could win” would actually do it. I want to see true change, and that is what got me excited about becoming involved with this website. Hopefully all of us together can help people see that we can vote for something different. I tend to be more along the libertarian lines, but not in all issues. I look forward to having some discussions with those of you who may think differently.

    For me personally, I always enjoy talking about the things you aren’t supposed to talk about: Politics, religion, etc. I enjoy just about any sports, and I play a lot of disc golf. I have a boxer named Laila, and I try to bring her along whenever I can.

    Anyways, enough about me. Welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy it and find something interesting to talk about. If not, start the discussion!


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