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    So with the Orlando shooting, gun control has become a hot topic again. It’s sad that these events always turn into political soapboxes, and let’s make sure not to forget the innocent victims in this situation. It is real people with real faces, real family, real friends. This is not a hypothetical discussion.

    I am not a pro- or anti-gun person. I hate the all or nothing mentality that seems to be brought to the table on this discussion. It seems the most vocal either want to ban everything or have no restrictions at all. I think the solution is probably somewhere in the middle. Can we come up with a common sense solution that maintains our 2nd amendment rights, but limits or reduces the number of innocent people killed in the mass violence/mass shooting incidents?

    Here is what I think the conservatives should say, and I think it would help them considerably. “I agree that __________________ is a problem, but I disagree that banning ____________ is the correct solution. I think that we should do _____________ instead.” This would further the discussion and put another viable option on the table. This would help in the gun control debate. It would have helped with the healthcare debate. It would also reduce or minimize the impression that conservatives are obstructionist and have no desire to resolve problems.

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