Vote for 3rd party candidates - it can make a difference

Independent Candidates & Third Party Candidates in Florida Election 2016

Florida 3rd Party Candidates and Independent Candidates on the Ballot for Election 2016 These candidates will all appear on the ballot in Florida in the 2016 election.  Learn about these candidates.  Educate yourself!  We can only blame ourselves if we continue to accept poor candidates from the major parties.  There are also write-in candidates, but

Voter registration - registering to vote in florida

Registering to vote in Florida 2016

Registering to Vote in Florida With the upcoming elections, make sure that you are registered to vote.  Registering to vote is very important if you plan to make a difference this election.  You must register at least 29 days prior to the election. Voter Registration Application Complete instructions and information about registering Important Election Dates